Saturday, 4 December 2010

Clean...and fixed?!

Before our washing machine arrived at Stone Cottage, Jen's mum and nan kindly offered to do our laundry for us. I LOVE it because when we get it back, it's ironed, folded and smells lovely! I'm not a fan of ironing. Or fabric softener. But they are and it is lush.

I have a 'distressed' looking hoodie with rips and tears in it around the seams and cuffs etc to make it look old. They're supposed to be there to complete the look. Only, today they weren't. Upon closer inspection, all of the rips had been sowed and mended! Nan obviously didn't dig the look and 'fixed' my hoody :-)

Well I suppose this makes my hoody unique and I can guarantee that no one else has this 'distressed but fixed' look. Thanks nan! :-)


resewn sally said...

Aww bless!! lol. That's exactly the kinda thing my Nan would've done too. But she was daft enough to still be trying to get me to wear pink frilly frocks when I lived in shredded jeans. lol.Wish I had someone to do my mountain of washing.

Sal. X

rachel's life. said...

I did think it was rather cute! sadly though, we know have a washing machine but we've gone a step further and bought fabric softener! still no needle and thread to be seen in the house and that's the way it's gonna stay!

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