Thursday, 23 December 2010


SNOW! Even though the UK has been covered in it, the surrounding area in which I live has seen sweet F.A.  So tonight, when I saw the snow, I finished the third glass of papa's homemade wine, put his wellies on and tootled off outside in an attempt to take some pictures of the village I grew up in.

This is Monkseaton's version of a picture perfect postcard....

I just love the dead tree in front of the decorated live one, as well as the torn sign and safety barrier for the mass of crowds coming to view it. It's so festive!

Here is the house I grew up in from the age of 6 - 18.

And here is the metal pole I flew into whilst wearing pink roller skates as I attempted to recreate a scene from Starlight Express when I was 21 8 years old.

That shining beacon in the pic below is the hub of the village - the Monkseaton Arms. As well as the flagship public house which I have frequented since the ripe old age of 16, this teeny tiny village also boasts a further 2 pubs, a pasty shop, fish n chip shop, chinese takeaway and my dad's second home - William Hill, the gamblers paradise.

I love Monkseaton! Tis also only 5 mins from the beach and I'll be heading down there tomorrow.


purplebirdblog said...

I super love the house.. it's really cute!

rachel's life. said...

It's teeny weeny and I was always confused as to why there was no roof when I was little!


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