Sunday, 30 May 2010

Weldon Fest

I got out of bed at 2pm today as a result of a cider-induced hangover. We went to our local music festival - WELDON FEST! 2 words would describe yesterday - SOAKED THROUGH. Typical British festival weather...

And Jen broke our beautiful rainbow umbrella after 5 minutes of getting there (which I think was intentional as Jen didn't like holding it).

Now I don't profess to be a fashion guru but I took a pic of this girl who thought wearing lime green socks with gladiator sandals was a good idea. Oh my.

We even met a real walking human heart!

And a scary looking black dude called Raymond.

Even though the weather was shit and we were all drowned rats by the time we got home, we all had a great time. Jen is in pain today as she has pulled a muscle in her calf from jumping up and down in the mosh pit. Her nephew was also at the festival and his mates thought his aunties were 'really cool' being in the mosh pit. I thought they were just a pair of drunken tits.

Great day out and a well-deserved hangover.

Friday, 28 May 2010


Jen has been to get office furniture at IKEA today. The cats love it when we go coz they get new toys to play with...

YouTube Video

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My Other Half's Website

IT'S HERE! Jen has built a website all on her lonesome and we launched it last night!

Our launch party included distinguished guests such as Jen's mum, nan, her sis and tash!

I went all out and spent £5 on a bottle of cava!

I'm very proud of you Jen!


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Get me some damn carbs.

Yep, I'll give up carbs for 2 weeks! No problem! Turns out that I've not eaten carbs for a whopping 24 hours and it is PISSING ME OFF. GET ME A F&CKING PIZZA! With a burger, chips and nachos on the side. And some ale. Jen will soon be suffering the side effects of my egg eating bonanza this morning. And I've decided that I HATE turkey unless it's on the Christmas table smothered in cranberry sauce.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fermyn Woods

I decided to go on a power walk around Fermyn Woods this morning. Oh my God it was hot.

After getting a little lost I eventually found my way back to the track!

Then when I got back to my car I had a lovely surprise, a £10 parking ticket. I thought the car park only cost £1 and had £1.20 on me. Turns out it was £2 to park there and didn't have enough so figured I'd risk it. Must be my unlucky day.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Hello Sunshine!!

It's never hot in England....apart from today! What a scorcher!! I was in a BAD mood this morning as I had to commute 30 miles to work in a hot car, do my stuff then trundle back home. Not amused. However I stopped off at the gym on the way back for a light workout (25 mins on the cross trainer, all around the weights and some ab work) and now I'm home!

Here is me and Turtlina chilling in the garden.

Whilst I was 'working' I went on to amazon and bought 2 books for 2p (well, I had to pay for postage but what a bargain!). I've decided to follow the South Beach Diet, at least for phase 1 anyway. The books I bought are the South Beach Diet Plan and a cookbook for it. In another blog I read (, Karyn has been doing this for a few weeks and stuck at it. She's lost 20lbs already. No carbs for me!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Ingrid Michaelson!!

I'm REALLY into the american singer songwriter Ingrid Michaelson and I was having a sing song around the living room. Jen told me to check out if she's gonna do a european tour and I was like, "whatever, no one knows her over here." But I checked AND SHE'S PLAYING IN BIRMINGHAM THIS SATURDAY!! What are the chances!! I said to Jen, "Jen, give me your debit card." (I'm broke til next monday) And I bought 2 tickets!! HURRAY!!!!! Here is her best song in the whole entire world.


HA! I'm blogging at work, what a rebel. I wonder how long it is until the server kicks me off...anyway, mondays SUCK. totally and utterly. and I have a fuzzy head from drinking wine last night. and I have deadlines. and I have a study running. and I can't do maths.

the end.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Jen's photoshoot

Today I was Jen's assistant (lens holder!) on a baby bump photoshoot. She was doing a location shoot about 40 miles from where we live and the house was A-MAZING! The massive house was in the middle of no-where and the garden was just lush. Jen set up the studio in the living room and I had to stand in front of the backdrop while she sorted out her lighting. This was my view...

After a studio baby bump shoot...

 we walked up a little country lane and did some more pics in some woods that were covered with bluebells (and flys and spiders and ants). Here's Jen doing her magic...

And here are a couple of the finished products:

And for being such a good assistant, when we got home Jen bought me dinner and a pint :-) xxxxx

Saturday, 15 May 2010

5 pounds down...

The slog at the gym is finally paying off and the weight is beginning to shift (off my Brad Pitts by the looks of it and there is a distinct roomy feeling in my bra). Gives me an incentive to keep on hitting the cross trainer and weights :-) I have my graduation AND a wedding in July and I want to look good.

Poached eggs on brown bread for brekkie then I'm going for a fast-paced walk around Fermyn woods (

Then it's DVD night with Jeni :-)


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Gym Bunny.

I'm getting the gym bug lots and lots! I feel way fitter now and I've increased the number of weights I can lift. Today I did 10km on the bike as well as a 20 min quick paced cross-trainer sesh, then weights and abs!  This was followed by a roast chicken salad with new potatoes! Nummy! I'm gonna weigh myself this saturday to see if I've lost anything. My clothes don't feel tight anymore and I swear my boobs aren't as 'full' in my bra anymore! LOL


Monday, 10 May 2010


I've just completed my first spinning class. OH MY GOD I NEARLY DIED. It was ok for the first 2 minutes. Then he said 'turn up your resistance to 70%, bums off seat and spin to Cheryl Cole!' And then I stopped smiling and started sweating. I was worried I couldn't drive home as I couldn't feel my legs!

Anyway, on a completely random note, which does Cleo prefer: cardboard box or cushioned garden bench...?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

One too many.

We went to our friends 40th birthday party last night and I have a sore head today. Too much champagne and red wine. I'm watching Britain's Got Talent which is a great hangover cure though!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Day

Just been and voted! I wonder who is gonna win tonight?

Then we went to a place called the company shop which sells all the produce the supermarkets can't shift and I got all of this.....

For this!!!!

What a bloody bargain!

Beans on toast then stand and tan and gym!


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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Brighton update!

When I told Jen there weren't any pics of us on my blog she soon got round to editing one! And here it is! We're in the Northern Lights bar and I'm enjoying a glass of the red stuff.


WAHOO! I have a week off work! It's been lovely having a few days off work. The last time I had a full week off work was last June when we went to NYC. Myself, Jen, Eve and Tash took a road trip to Brighton for a couple of nights and we got back this morning.

It was COLD but it didn't rain which is always a bonus :-) We had a stroll along the promenade after we'd eaten at Pizza Express

Here is a pic of  place that looks like India, smack bang in the centre of Brighton

Here is a pic of me and Eve in Pizza Express. Once Jeni sorts one of me and her I will upload one!!

Now that we're back home I'm gonna hit the gym every day and then come home a and CHILLAX by playing the guitar and watching trashy TV.  Nice.

Oh and tomorrow is Election Day so I will be voting too.
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