Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Engagement BBQ

Yesterday was Eve and Tash's BBQ to celebrate their engagement.

They had decked out their garden with lanterns, balloons, a marquis and other bits and bobs. It looked ace.

Jen helped put together the sign for outside the door. She succeeded but due to her immense strength, she broke the screwdriver.

About 40 people had been invited to the BBQ and Chef Armstrong was on hand to cook burgers (Jamie Oliver style!), chicken marinated in something I can't quite remember but it was delicious, pork fillet marinated in hoisin and plum sauce and a million sausages. Whilst everyone was boozing it up in the garden, I was under the garage roof slaving over the BBQ.

After 3 hours, 3 cans of cider and a lot of visitors to see how chef was getting on, I hung up my apron and joined in with the banter.

Eve had made a ton of cupcakes to follow the meat feast and Em and April had prepared some delicious salads. I think the food went down a treat. 

And then the drinking began.

My can of Strongbow was very fizzy when I opened it and I now realise that the little ones had been bombing the drinks into the water. Little f....

There were a few rain showers. It is August after all and it took a lot of gays to put up a tent. A lot.

All of the family rocked up for the celebrations.

As did the chums who wrote a heartfelt poem on the message board for Eve and Tash...

I discovered that Jen's 17 year old nephew, Macca, is exceptionally tall.

I had a catch up with Mather's and her partner Lizzie and Jen did her thing with the camera. She is rather good at this photography shiz.

And then the band arrived. 

Eve had kept this quiet as a surprise for Tash. She had organised an acoustic set by Roses and Pirates who have just been signed and are on iTunes. They were awesome.

They sang a few original songs and a few covers that Eve had requested. One of which was Use Somebody by the Kings of Leon.
I was an honorary member of the band for a song. Here is the drummer, Faye laughing at something...

Me. Being a twat with a shaker thing.

Personally, I think I did an amazing job. Some people disagreed with me but I think I'd make a great 4th member.

The night continued on with dancing...


And chinese lanterns which turned out to be quite treacherous in windy conditions. I nearly set light to the marquis.

At the end of the night after numerous beers and dancing Eve fell down the stairs. Because she didn't hurt herself, we LOL'd.

Excellent party Eve and Tash!! Hope the hangovers aren't too horrific.



kate said...

Looks like an amazing time! Love the apron!

Abby's Road said...

Congrats Eve and Tash!
I'm so jelly that Strongbow is so readily available to you. I fell in love with it when I went to London 7 years ago, and they are just importing it now.

AndreaClaire said...

Yay Eve and Tash!

And those cupcakes are awesome. I want one of the ones with the mixed tapes on them :)

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