Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Random Thoughts.

It is random tuesday blog day and here are some random thoughts that have popped (almost wrote pooped) into my head these past few minutes.
  • I really need to go to the gym tomorrow. I was going to go today but my excuse was that my car was hot and therefore the gym would be hot and I wouldn't do a productive sesh if I was hot (?!). Makes sense to me.
  • I prefer freezing cold sunny days rather than those hot ones.
  • My money tree has shriveled up and combusted.
  • My colour blindness appears to have gotten worse. I bought these toilet rolls from ASDA convinced that they were white but on second glance they resemble the colour of hideousness.

  • I want some nice bed linen.
  • Jen is snoring as I type this on the sofa. She sounds like a hooker with a chest infection. I wish she would stop.
  • I must refrain from eating white bread. It tastes so delicious but makes me turn obese overnight. August will be 'no white bread month' for me. Well, the 3rd August onwards.
  • Mogadishu may well be Somalia's war torn capital but it is also the sound my dad used to make when he sneezed so loudly that the clock used to chime.
  • I should stop day dreaming about what I'd do if I won the lottery and start thinking about paying into a pension (with the imaginary money I'm going to be living off this month since the money tree combusted).
  • I wish I was Cleo.

This concludes my random thoughts. The end.


Anonymous said...

mrscarm says wish I was Cleo too! your dad says the clock is no longer here but his sneezing can be heard across the street.

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