Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Mess - Week 2.

Yesterday, Jen told me that she would be clearing up the pile of magazines and photography equipment that had built up in our living room over the past week or so. The cottage has turned from a tranquil haven to a bomb site in recent days. She assured me that the house would be spick and span on my return home from work.

I took that £10 and trotted to the shop.

My frown was quickly turned upside down. Until I got home today and had a deja vu moment. This is my current view.

The Lady in Red has returned but my peaceful tranquil haven remains under a (slightly smaller) pile of shit.


JeniSmith Photography said...

Rome wasn't built in a day :-)

Anonymous said...

Rachel, don't you think she may need some little encouragement? (whatever suits you or her)

And, yes. Rome wasn't built in a day or 2 weeks. Gosh! Does this mean that it is going to take that long?


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