Friday, 30 September 2011

A week of naughtiness.

I have been a bad Fat Fighter this week and will be paying for it when I visit the gym on Sunday (Saturday will also be naughty - already planned). I've been very busy this week and I've not cooked anything.

The first naughtiness of the week was on Tuesday evening when I headed down to London to visit my 'Science Mum', Kristen for a catch up and advice. I stopped by her pad for a couple of beers and a chat before we headed out and met her cat, Carl, who I had not seen for about 8 years. He was like me and had not been to Slimming World for a couple of months....

I love him. 

We headed out to a local Tapas restaurant where Kristen is a regular and she treated me to some amazing food and wine. Here we are sipping on our after dinner liqueurs.

Excellent company, superb advice and delicious food!

The next day I had some exciting news. I'm going over to Princeton, New Jersey a week on Saturday to decide whether to accept a job over there. Naturally, we were too excited to cook so we went to a local pub for pizza and a beer. That was wednesday.

Last night, all the girls of Jen's family met up at another local pub, The Thornhill Arms in Rushden for yummy food and a couple of beers...

Being in 'healthy mode' I chose the lightest meal on the menu....

At least I ate my peas.

And today I had an email from a US immigration lawyer informing me that it's possible that Jen will able to come over to the US with me if I accept the job. Once again, we had to celebrate this lovely fact and Jen treated me to dinner. I chose the healthiest meal on the menu, a full rack of ribs and a large glass of wine. I figured the salad would have too much dressing on it.

At least I ate the corn on the cob. Jen chose the 'healthy' option too...

Due to the Indian Summer in the UK, we're heading to the beach tomorrow (in October?!) and chips? It would be rude not to.

Mumma A, I will hit the gym all of next week and be syn free. I promise!! (crosses heart)


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