Saturday, 22 October 2011


England has turned cold. As I stepped off the plane on Wednesday morning I swore because I was crabby from lack of sleep and cold. I got home and Jen was preparing the log fire which made it all cosy in the cottage :-)

The cats have also made up and there has been minimal hissing and swiping the past few days. I think they actually like each other once more.

Mummy Armstrong came to stay last night and today we headed over to Stamford to meet my brother and his fiancé, Anna as they have recently moved 20 mins from me. We went to Burghley deer park for a walk...

I bypassed all the wildlife and culture and headed straight to the shop. I always do this.

Then we saw some deer.

In preparation of me starting back at Slimming World on Monday I decided to continue the theme from the USA and eat whatever I wanted at the pub which turned out to be an Indian burger.

In the mini pan was sag aloo which was nummy.

Tomorrow is the final day of naughtiness before the gym is visited and I get my ass whupped on the the scales at Fat Fighters.

Wish me luck.


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