Monday, 17 October 2011

A busy week and a lot of food.

My week long interview is over and it went well (I think). Now thats all over I have a couple of days to chill out and visit potential places to live should I get the job. It's day 7 in the USA and I've still yet to eat a vegetable that hasn't been laden with cheese or fried. My body is telling me to eat something nutritious so I bought some grapes tonight. In liquid form.

And then realised I had no way of opening my grapes.

A couple of swear words later followed by a trip to the shop, my grapes were poured into a plastic cup and enjoyed alongside some fresh pineapple.

I am now watching the X Factor and enjoying my second plastic glass of wine.

Yesterday I headed over to Philly to meet up with my friends John and Melissa.

With their 8 month old cutey pie, Brayden!

He stared at me for most of my visit because my British accent appeared to amuse him. 

Yesterday I also visited New Hope in Pennsylvania. It is a beautiful place.

And has amazing ice cream. Once again, I asked for a small portion and ate it by the Delaware river.

Another adventure I went on involved a trip up to the Yonkers in NYC to see Catie Curtis at a gig in a small venue. My friend Kim picked me up and drove up to the gig. 'Don't worry Rach' she said, 'I know a route that will avoid all of the Manhattan traffic'. 

An hour or so later we eventually arrived at what we thought was the venue and I was less than impressed to discover that it was a happy clappy Unitarian church. This is my unimpressed face.

Luckily this turned out to be the wrong venue and we arrived at the correct place just in time to meet up with a couple of Kim's friends, drink a beer and enjoy Catie. Here she is singing Magnolia Street :-)

That is all for now. I miss Jeni and my 2 furry babies.

Time for some more grapes and X Factor.


JeniSmith Photography said...

HaHa Kim got some of your bossing for a change. You're lucky she didn't make you drive :-)
Cool video of Catie xxxx

Miss you

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