Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fat Fighters Return.

Last night I returned to Fat Fighters (aka Slimming World) after a 2 month period of doing very little exercise and a 10 day trip to the States thrown into the mix where I didn't eat a single vegetable for the duration of my stay.

Needless to say, I've put on a couple of pounds. Well 8 pounds to be precise.

I am happy because I am focused and back on track. It is my goal to lose 10-14 pounds by the time of my brothers wedding on the 10th December. Today I had fat free vanilla yoghurt with chopped banana for breakfast, left over syn-free chilli con carne for lunch and then I made a syn free lezza-gne with syn-free home made wedges flavoured with chinese five spice and paprika. Oh, and syn free salad :-)

For the white sauce in the lasagne I mixed a tub of fat free cottage cheese with 2 eggs and a sprinkle of nutmeg. It was yum. And because it was syn free I filled my boots.

Cleo watched on as we chomped our dinner.

Then she helped me eat my fat free jelly for pud. 



Christin@purplebirdblog said...

I've lost about 10 pounds, but most of them were from the Stomach Virus Diet, one I don't necessarily recommend. ;)

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