Monday, 21 November 2011


This past weekend I said au revoir to Jeni, Cleo, Jess and Bella and drove 200 miles to the deepest, darkest depths of Dorset and said hello to Kate, Alex, Mark, Pappsy, Franco, Jim and Abby.

Kate and Alex have just moved to the West Country and invited us down to eat, drink and drink a little more. Kate's village is teeny tiny and lights do not exist. Mark had to use his phone light to get to the pub.

Mark is disturbing at the best of times so this image just shit everyone up.

The local pub was lovely and it was always a surprise as to what face would pop up between your legs whilst supping on a pint.

Thankfully, it wasn't the face in the first photo that appeared betwixt my legs.

The next day we got a good look at the village and Kate's garden (so to speak) in daylight. It is a lovely place and then next door neighbour even has an old gypsy caravan in his back garden. Proper West Country.

Kate is a great cook and man oh man did we eat. Here she is serving up beef and chorizo stew with herb dumpling and mashed potato (made with double cream and butter, Fat Fighter fans!)

Frickin' yum. The morning after the night before consisted of a Full English, cooked by a SEVERELY hungover Mrs Drew.

Bloody lovely.

Next up was a meal back at the local and my starter was super healthy full fat pate (with salad!). 

Followed by a rack of lamb and then calorie free treacle sponge pudding with clotted ice cream. There was a strawberry on here which means it was one of my 'super free' meals at Fat Fighters. Fact.

Not to be starved during our 2 day trip, Kate cooked a Sunday roast consisting of roast pork with crackling, carrot a swede mash, curly kale and roast potatoes cooked in goose fat.

This was followed by home made apple and raspberry crumble with double cream.

Just in case we were still peckish, Kate brought out the entire cheese collection of Dorset and a bottle of port.

Amongst all of this healthy eating, we took a walk down to the beach at West Bay.

Where we ate ice cream.

Enjoyed some lovely views...


And practiced some acrobatics.

We met up with the boys who were watching the football at a beer festival. 

 We also had a hat competition.

And went for a country walk!

Excellent weekend Mr and Mrs Drew! As for Fat Fighters, I've given my weigh in a miss tonight. I wonder why?


Christin@purplebirdblog said...

Okay seriously... I want every meal you had there! It all sounds so frickin' fantastic!

Abby's Road said...

I miss good home cooked food. Super jealous.

And I want to visit a rock beach! I hate the beach because of the sand and that looks like fun!

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