Sunday, 27 November 2011

The pup.

We took Bella for her final booster vaccination the other day.

Thank the Lord she can now go walking and hopefully tire the little pup out. I'm pretty sure she is super excited to get out and about.

Jen bought her a harness. Bella told us she doesn't like pink and blue was her colour of choice. She is a tom boy just like us.

Before her injections I had to carry her everywhere just like Paris Hilton. 

Now that we can take her places without the need to carry her, the first port of call was to our local public house, The Green Dragon, to meet everyone.

And then to the Snooty Fox in Lowick....

And then to the King's Head in Wadenhoe!

The cats are still getting a ton of attention. Cleo has taken it upon herself to plant her torso as close to my face as physically possible when its time for bed.

As I write this, Bella is playing with her vast amount of toys and chomping on a pigs ear whilst I am salivating over Jamie Oliver's new cookbook.

Happy Sunday!


stuart said...

Pushed down the pecking order by a black nosed bag of fleas...

resewn sally said...

Aww bless her! The pigs ear is almost as big as she is!! lol. What a wee cutie! Love Border Terriers. She's beautiful!
Sal. X

Christin@purplebirdblog said...

F*ckin hell that dog is so damn cute. And I'm drooling over Jamie Oliver.... 's new cookbook, yeah... the cookbook.

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