Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Google searches.

Sometimes I go to my stat counter and check out where my site traffic is coming from. Quite a few hits come directly from other blogs, Facebook or Twitter, but an increasing amount of traffic is arriving at my blog via Google searches.

I thought I would share some of my personal favourite searches that have resulted in my blog popping up on people's computers all over the world.

  1. Female body builders butt photos
  2. Nice foot flip-flop travel big tits
  3. Barry Manilow jacket
  4. Bride with dumbbells
  5. My foot amputated
  6. Corporate christmas parties 2011 with 1980's theme in the Philippines
  7. Gladiator sandals and socks
  8. Helen, single, newcastle upon tyne, 31 years old, pics
  9. Whore house
  10. Down syndrome monkey
  11. Fat guys with ponytails
I'm pretty sure that all the (odd) people who performed these searches in Google did not find what they were looking for when they arrived at my blog page. 

Nice foot flip-flop travel big tits?! 



Roxanne said...

#6 seems awfully specific...

rachel's life. said...

That one is my personal favourite!

Emmy said...

Wow you got some weird ones. I get occasional strange ones- but I think yours win.

And now you will get a lot more hits the next time someone googles Nice foot flip-flop travel big tits-- what does that even mean??

Christin@purplebirdblog said...

These are amazing!! I have a hilarious list too, but these really take the cake. And that picture is the epitome of hilarious. :)

Anonymous said...


rachel's life. said...

....says the man who google searched for phillipine whore houses!

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