Monday, 12 December 2011

Holidays are comin'!

Jen saw the coca-cola christmas advert on TV the other day so immediately we had to go and buy a tree.

One way to get me to the shops is for Jen to promise to buy me a drink otherwise I'm not interested in going. I hate shopping so if this is interspersed with alcohol it makes for a happy me. We bought a bottle of mulled wine and headed to Eve and Tash's to check out their christmas tree.

Mulled wine levels in my blood were topped up and we tootled straight home to begin decorating Santa's Grotto.

Now Cleo is a clever cat. Not only did she pick out the decorations for the tree from the christmas box...

She also decorated the tree and then sat down and marvelled at her artistic ability.

We had previously given her class A drugs in the form of catnip cleverly disguised as a christmas pudding.

Meanwhile Bella just relaxed in front of the fire and looked cute.

After all of this festivity Jen and I made home made pizzas, complete with egg on the top.

Frickin' yum.

I would like to blog about my brother's wedding to Anna that happened over the weekend but the wedding photographer (aka Jeni) won't let me until she's edited the pics. Bum.


Christin@purplebirdblog said...

That pizza looks marvelous. I love your tree. And I super love Bella's sweet face!

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