Monday, 19 December 2011

Jeni 'The Body' Smith.

I've just discovered some photos I took on my iPad a while back. I was trying out the camera on it and told Jen to stand still so I could see what the quality was like.

C'mon love, try a bit harder. Put your mug of tea down and work it.

Ok now show off that delightful flip flop/tracksuit bottom combo. She told me not to put this one up 'because of the coal on the carpet'. 

Now give me the Elle Macpherson pose you've been practising.  In her mind, Jen thought she was looking like this....

In reality, she looked liked she'd just fallen off the Sunshine bus, complete with coffee mug. 

And last but not least, her Grand Finale pose. The one which will get all the modelling agencies calling her up.

She's a special girl.


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