Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A belated Christmas pressie.

Today I got home from work, put my jim jams on and lay on the sofa because I feel like poopy shit. I think I've finally succumbed to whatever illness Jen had over Christmas and New Year. Lovely.

Jen on the other hand was super excited because a Christmas present I had ordered online for her from the States had finally managed to make its way through the Royal Mail postal service. 

I like to blog hop and had come across the Rusted Chain blog and saw a necklace that was perfect for Jen. It came in a posh little box. Jen was very excited to open it but I made her pose for a pic quickly (which is why it's blurred....)

She loved the necklace and decided to attach it to her photography-themed necklace she has worn for years (with the help of Bella).

She loves to 'shoot people' and I'm pretty sure it'll be around her neck for years to come!

Thanks Rusted Chain!! @jeni05s is super happy!


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