Monday, 9 January 2012

Oh shit.

Just look at that weight loss ticker above me.

Oh shit. I weighed in for the first time in a while and I got a bit of a shock. I'm not surprised though. It's not as if I've been particularly good these past few months. It's given me a boot up the arse to get back on the the Fat Fighters wagon. I've refreshed my memory on the rules of Slimming World.

Bella told me all about Body Magic.

I'm gonna get my running shoes on and start jogging around the village as well as walking my little personal trainer. 

Jess told me I need to choose success...

And Jen did what she was told and posed for a photo.

I've set a target weight and I need to lose 1.5 stone. And off we go.


Anonymous said...

mrs carm says and I need to trim off a stone, so I'll join you at fat fighters.

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