Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow Day!!!

I've stolen today's blog pictures from Jen's blog and put my version of events to the pics. It's great having a photographer for a partner :-)  IT SNOWED LAST NIGHT! WAHOOOOOO! Bella has never seen snow before and she loved it.

We headed to Eve and Tash's for a walk in the white stuff and to build up our appetite for Eve's epic Sunday roast. Jen snapped away whilst we were walking/chasing after puppies. It's like having your own paparazzi.

Not to be outdone by the cuteness of puppies, myself and Tash decided to do our macho poses on pipes.

I was really digging Tash's sock-over-jeans combo look. Sexy time. Being a practical scientist, I was sporting my cheap wellington boot look.

Being mature, we decided to have a race up a mound of building materials covered in snow. Tash and Benji won. I didn't make it past the start and snow got into every crevice.

This made me cold and a sore loser.

So we headed back to Chez Chef's house and got our beers out of the fridge.

And posed like twats once more.

On the menu today was roast pork with veg, roast potatoes and home made yorkshire pudding.

Bella and Benji were shattered from their walk/run and gave us some peace and quiet.

We got our feet toasty warm (yes, mine are the odd socks - I never have a matching pair) and let our dinner settle in our bellies.

Thanks for the delicious scran today Eve! Fingers crossed it snows all night and we don't have to go to work tomorrow. :-)


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Haha what a great day :-)

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