Sunday, 11 March 2012

Red wine and dead mice.

This weekend my mate Kate, her husband Alex and their 4 month old labrador, Pepper came to visit Corner House. We started off the weekend with home made burgers, wine, beer and a catch up.

The following day Alex buggered off to the football (Aldershot v. Northampton) whilst Jen tootled off to second shoot for a wedding which left myself and Kate to do as we pleased. We chose to leave the pups at home and head to Stamford to see my brother, his wife Anna and John's friend, Blake. Amazed by our fashion skills I demanded a picture with Anna and Blake.

North Face Legends.

I can only describe John and Kate as absolute losers with their non North Face paraphernalia. 

When we got back home we immediately opened a bottle of wine and continued to chat in the garden until it got dark and our teeth were red.

Being built for retrieving, Pepper decided to retrieve all the little presents that Cleo and Jess have left for me in the garden.

By the time Pepper had discovered mouse number 4, our flinging-over-the-wall skills had become rather poor due to the wine consumption and one landed in the tree.

The pooches were finally worn out.

We were thrilled (and drunk).

Tonight myself and Jen have treated ourselves to an amazeballs curry because we can.

Excellent weekend, f-ing knackered.


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